Friday, June 18, 2010


Just discovered my car was broken into last night, shattered a window & took the entire radio kit=( bummer!

Hope this isn't the 'welcome to the neighborhood' party=p Either way, no more parking in the alley.

Dinner w/ Neighbors

Well, progress! Not only have we met half a dozen houses on our block & in our alley, but we've managed to get it together enough to have a couple over! I'm proud of us=D

They are a wonderful older couple that has children our age & 12 years older than us. But they gave us some very valuable information about the street. They are one of 4 houses that go to church. They are hopeful for our missions to the neighborhood.

So this is all great news & great progress. We are meeting people and there is great need for missionaries in the neighborhood. Woo! Now we just have to continue to meet with others.

Off to watch a wonderful baby doll & today we are creating a craft for Daddy's Day=D

Until Next Time...

Friday, June 11, 2010

So Much Happening, So Little Time Keeping You Updated!

Hey all you loyal readers! So sorry we haven't had an update for (gulp!) over a month! We are doing very well and have so much to update you on.

1) We have purchased the home in Richardson, moved in & are mostly unpacked. We still have a storage unit to empty this month but right now we are taking one thing at a time. We like our little house but have some things we will work on to improve the home to be a bit more functional for us. Painting will begin at some point this summer, just not sure if it's before our trip to California in July or not. Jason & I are having fun planning out this adventure of a 'fixer upper' and it is offering a multitude of opportunities to come into contact with new people & build the single existing relationship we have in the area (more on that later!)

2) We are seeing that there aren't alot of unmanageable sacrifices by living in an older, smaller home. There are weird things that are gross & old that we've never dealt with before, like vacuuming out the return vent (EW!) and wiring the office for internet (starting this weekend). So far the only true negative is ROACHES!!!! And I just gotta tell you honestly (and I think Jason is with me on this) ... if God had said the word ROACH somewhere along the way, this would NOT have even been an option. Thankfully, Jason is contacting our great friends at Orkin to come and handle this for us today... but still, totally GROSS=P

3) Our Murphy Home is closing today!!! We were patient and waited and it all came together. The couple is perfect for the home and we are so excited about the 2 bundles of joy they will be welcoming into the world & their new home in less than 8 weeks! We know the joy of bringing babies home and are blessed to have brought 2 of our own home to that house. We know there are many years of love in that house ahead and are positive they will enjoy it.

4) There is a family in our neighborhood that we knew before we moved in and they were gracious enough to host us in their home while we were transitioning between the two homes... and my goodness, 5 Potnicks is a LOT to host for a week!... We begun building great relationships with them and are so grateful to have those kind of awesome friends just a few minutes away! I've been given the privelage of caring for their darling baby girl Madison, twice a week and she is so precious. The boys love her and Grace does also... though Grace was minorly hesitant to her in the beginning;-) Jason is also going to begin playing softball with Madison's daddy in a few weeks (something he is very excited about returning to). Anyway, we are doing great at building this relationship.

5) Our physical neighbors. Jason has done a great job at running outside to meet & greet people as he sees them out. Me however, not so much. I've spent a full week trying to get our house in order so we can function and that is going, well... ok i guess? It's actually very slow as I continue to grow my 'third place' relationships at the gym & work and taking care of wonderful Madison... plus my 3 blessings=D I guess it's good I'm introverted or nothing would be getting done=p

Anyway, this is it for now and the baby girls are both up from their naps so I gotta run.

Until next time...