Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coincidence? I think not...

Been meaning to write this story down for a while, so figured I would today while I had a few moments. It actually relates back to how we got an offer on our house and all the cool stuff that happened that weekend in April.

So we found out on a Thursday in mid-April that sadly, the house we wanted in Richardson had received an offer, and the owner was going to accept it. Luckily, we had not allowed ourselves to fully "fall in love" with the house, so we dealt with the news. That same night, our agent mentioned to us she had heard from a couple that wanted to look at our house on Saturday.

That Friday, Leesa was driving home and saw some neighbors selling a very nice set of black leather movie room recliners (4 of them!). She decided to call me and joke about them. I told her it wouldn't kill anyone to check the price... so she went back and found out the chairs were in great shape (slightly used), and the neighbors were selling the whole set for $100!! These types of chairs usually sell for $400-1000 a piece! So I told her she had to buy them.

About this time, our agent called and said the couple wanting to see our house just had to see it THAT NIGHT. So, we worked out with the neighbors to get the recliners delivered, the house cleaned up, and the old couch in our movie room out of the house and into storage before the couple arrived to look at the house. It was a crazy afternoon (leaving work early, grabbing a friend's truck, moving furniture, cleaning, etc.), and we're very thankful my dad and step-mom were in town to help.

Now, crazy part of the story #1: The neighbors that sold us the recliners recognized our names (we had not met them before), because they had just signed their son up on our T-Ball team the night before! They recognized our last name from the team roster. Richardson's league is far enough away, that very few people from Murphy sign up to play down there when there are other leagues near by. Not only had they joined the league, they landed on our team the night before we met them selling recliners. My mind still boggles.

Saturday morning came along and we had a great first T-Ball game. The kids (and parents) had a lot of fun. We returned from the game to find out an offer was imminent on the house! We got the offer that night, accepted it and found ourselves under contract. The couple (who is pregnant with twins), loved the house, especially the movie room.

To finish off this story with crazy part #2: by Sunday night we found out the offer on the Richardson house had fallen through and we were now in the running again. We went and saw the house the following Saturday, put an offer in and had it accepted within three hours! I've since met the owner (she is the original owner, 36 years!) to find her to be a pleasant Christian lady.

We move around the 20th of May (3 weeks!). Anyone know any good movers? :-)

Leesa and I are convinced even more that God has a mission for us in Richardson, and that in His timing He is paving the way for us.

Prayer needs: Right now we're praying that God would bless the new owners of our home even more than He blessed us the last four years. We are also continuing to pray for opportunities to meet people and minister to them in Richardson. Finally, our prayer is for opened eyes to see those opportunities.

Until next time...