Friday, February 19, 2010

What's In A Name?

You may be asking yourself (if you're out there reading), why the name "Region Seven" for our blog?

As Leesa has mentioned already, we have been called into the mission field. What images does that conjure up in your mind? Perhaps some third world country? Africa?

While the need is great throughout the world for people to share God's love, there is a new missional movement recognizing that North America is itself a mission field. Missions is no longer about sending Christians from developed countries into underdeveloped areas that have not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Did you know that South Korea is the 2nd largest missionary sending country in the world? Did you know they send missionaries to the United States? Missionaries from around the world are coming to the U.S. to help in the spread of the Gospel.

The name Region Seven is based in our denomination's structure. The Church of the Nazarene is spread around the globe, and broken up into seven regions (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, Eurasia, Mexico & Central America, South America, and North America). "Region Seven" signifies that the North America region is the seventh, newest missions region. The region where "The Naz" was founded is being recognized as a growing mission field (the US is one of the largest fields in the world, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere).

Region Seven reminds us that our call is missional in nature. We want to treat our call the same as if we were being sent to Africa. Will you join in sending us? We need your prayers, encouragement, etc.

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