Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well, I posted the last post a few hours before I was allowed to pick up Alexander from school. When we went and got him we waited in carpool (which is a horribly painful process as 100 SUVs & vans wait in a line that holds about 5 spots with 50 little ninja cars weaving in and out of our big fatties as we wait for the children to come outside & identify their vehicle and get escorted to the vehicle. and then we all have to figure out how to get out of there!). Anyway, Xander had been desperate to see how cars have pools at the front of the school since he's never seen a pool there. So I told him we'd pick him up at carpool. The four of us in the vehicle were anxious to never participate in carpool again as Xander excitedly said, "we HAVE to do that nine more times!"

So all this to say his teacher walked him to the car she stopped to have the first conversation we've had in person since she started teaching Alexander. She was notifying me that he is being involved in a pilot program by special invitation/recommendation of herself. The program is enrichment clusters. I don't know how to explain the program other than they get to pick a club that they will skip class for and participate in 6 times over a 10 week period coming later this semester. This seems like a very cool thing, 5 kindergartens were chosen to participate with the rest of the 1st-6th grade students to see if Kindergarteners can handle it... so him being selected says that the teacher recognizes he is, well, the way he is=)

This is a nice opportunity (Jason seems positive it's an answer to prayer & I should believe he belongs in school there, but we are talking about 6 hours over a period of 350 school hours so well see, again, only time will tell) .The gifted program is hopefully starting next week. That will hopefully bring us more news... he's also still sad about missing too many questions to go to 1st grade, so now he's talking about just going on to 2nd. I guess we have lots of options=p

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  1. Cool! That will be lots of fun for him, I'm sure!