Monday, July 25, 2011

Where do we look for God when we need Him?

I'm considering starting a bible study/play group for some of my friends and disciples. I believe some of them are so hungry for God that they don't know what to do with themselves and I believe others, are interested in finding God (or reconnecting with God) that they are thankful someone finally gave them an opportunity to openly and freely seek Him. One thing that I've noticed however, the few other times I've been a part of starting a group before is everyone wants to know what we will be studying. Usually I think the answer is obvious, "um... the Bible?!"

Unfortunately that answer isn't always what people are looking for. Either they've read that before, or they find the bible boring, or want updated writings that apply to today's world. "WOW!" I always think to myself and then eager to get a group going in the right direction I begin to look for something to meet their needs. I think about finding something enticing to read and study in hopes to attract the unsure ones and please the 'been there read that' crowd. But I ask, "Why do we look to connect with God in a book written by someone else?" The Bible is our only tangible connection to Him and I understand some people doubt it but does reading another author's work help us understand God & what He wants to reveal to us through His word?

Well of course I'd be a total hypocrite if I said no, God works through everything and I've had my life unbelievably transformed in bible studies that only used portions of the bible. I just wonder, looking back, if that's what He did when I was only reading bits and pieces of the bible, what would He have done if I was reading huge hunks and inhaling it??!!

The bible is a powerful tool. It applies to our every day living even in 2011 in America. That's one of the ways I know it's from him. It's living and breathing and transforming. I'm excited about the opportunity to start a bible study, studying the bible and hope I can discover some deep passion for my every day life (and maybe even some solutions to my everyday woes) using what He has given me.

God is great and I'm glad to be back=D

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