Monday, November 5, 2012

Worshiping with Children

Well friends,

Our gathering went well. It was smaller than originally expected but wonderful none-the-less.

After our dinner, I had markers and poster boards available and gave a very nonsensical explanation of my previous post and then had the crowd break into three groups that included both adults and children and watched the fun unfold!

First, you should know that sitting and coloring and talking about Jesus in this brainstorming session where young and old were intermingled was definitely a worship experience! Second, you should know that the children taught the adults SO much about being joyful. The joy of childhood, the happiness of being together, it was truly amazing to watch.... never before have I seen grown ups giggle and be so incredibly impressed and emotionally touched when sitting in a circle and worshiping. The children brought an awesomeness that none of us were fully prepared for. Third, the list of ideas for how to worship is long and exciting. I hope our participants and our at home readers are ready to try some of these things.

How can we worship God?
  • Obey our parents (and authority figures)
  • Be with our family
  • Love others
  • Sing
  • Show kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, love, joy, patience and peace
  • Pray to God
  • Help the Poor
  • Read the Bible
  • Be enthusiastic about Jesus and others
  • Share things like food
  • Encourage others
  • Be a friend
  • Be generous
  • Stay joyful
  • Talk to God
  • Imagine things that God does and has (like God having a pool to go swimming in). 
  • Being creative and telling stories about worshiping God (having mom in a space ship on her way to see God, having the child in the family bow down to God, having our family members who haven't decided to follow Jesus with all of their being asking questions and being curious about Christ, etc.)  
  • Stay Determined to follow Christ
  • Help other people
  • Give something God has given you to someone else
  • When we work together without fighting we worship God
  • When we show others love
  • Doing what God says
  • Letting the Lord lead you through
  • Giving thanks to God
  • Forgiving others
WOW! This is a great list and is SO diverse and flexible that almost anything you do, with the right intentions and focused heart is considered worship! So get working, see how much of your life (the whole thing???) can turn into a worship experience. Wouldn't that just be an awesome thing to share with others and an amazing legacy to leave behind??

A life of worship, that's powerful, that's obedience, that's WORSHIP!

P.S. Just because you don't have young children around you doesn't mean you can't implement these ideas into your worship experience!

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