Monday, October 11, 2010

Not About Me

So I'm starting to notice that this blog is turning into a blog all about me... and that's SO not what it's supposed to be. But again I have another update, and we are hoping that once this week is over Jason will have time from work to rest, recoup and share about what's going on with him. You may think that's weird as we are partners in this ministry but it is very clear, based on where we spend our 'free' time, that our ministries are separate.

On the school front, just so you know, I'm mostly over it. The school is a great one, his teacher is fine, the Library is going well, everyone I interact with is nice (including the principal, cafeteria & office workers) but I'm still feeling the tug to home school so I'm trying to be sure it's a God thing & not a selfish thing. It does feel amazing to not be panicking while he is at school. I know he is safe & well cared for so I take comfort in that.

On to the most exciting thing to be happening since school has started. And I know what most of you are thinking so don't judge me yet=P I've gotten involved with the PTA & my job is to appreciate the teachers. This is an AWESOME JOB!!!! I get to do crafty things once a month or so & give them to the teachers and staff as thank yous for their awesome work. I think even if we end up homeschooling I will definitely want to continue this job (and if not at this school I will find another school that needs help with it=D). It's fun thinking of ways to make teachers feel special because they really are.

I've got my year planned out already, but if you've got great ideas I'd love to hear them. I could maybe fit a few in or start on my plan for next year.

Hope you are following Him today.


  1. Yay on the PTA position! Sounds like a ton of fun!

  2. Too bad my first craft failed=( I was trying to make Cake Pops decorated like jack o'lanterns... well, they are getting regular old cake balls decorated like jack o'lanterns because I couldn't get the cake ball to stay on the popsicle stick & the color melt wasn't melting like the almond bark i'm used to... o well, they look kind of cute & will be super yummy=p