Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Church on Tuesday??

So some of you have had the wonderful privilege of listening to me throughout the last 2 years go on randomly about all kinds of things. Well one of those things in particular actually became an obsession. I had the brilliant idea of having church on Tuesday evening, everyone I've ever said it to looked at me like I was crazy but I thought it was ideal. I held onto that idea for a while and eventually stopped talking about it because no one seemed receptive to it.

Well, here we are, 4 months into this missionary thing and we are WAY TOO BUSY! But our Tuesday nights are the one night a week we make sure we are home, doing nothing, together. And so after a conversation with a pretty awesome individual today, he pointed out we needed a more organized 'church' gathering of our church (the five us currently) and I was super excited to realize we have the perfect day for that... TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!

So once again my weird obsessions are spirit lead and I am rewarded with the satisfaction of participating in something that I am not clever enough to have thought of in the first place. God really is very funny.

What are we doing for our first official church service this evening? Going to pray over our friends' new church plant worship space, in the rain=D

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