Sunday, August 28, 2011

Actions Speak

Let's do a quick catch up on what is going on here in this small 5 mile radius of Region Seven.

Jason has been promoted in his office! That is meaning more work and more opportunity to interact with others and to live as a wonderful example of balancing work, family and Christ as well as making time for hobbies and disciples. He is maintaining his relationships and though summer is always difficult to keep groups meeting on schedule he is rolling with the punches and seeing everyone as frequently as the opportunity allows.

The children are still in the learning phase of what we are doing. They are excited about getting to be great friends with our neighbor and our game playing friends. I do see they have an extra need of being with people their age more frequently and we've just noticed a family with smaller children a few doors down and are ready to go knock on their door and introduce ourselves. We still pray for the harvest daily. They are about to start school tomorrow and though the feelings are still a little mixed about how good this is (apparently even home schoolers get the first day jitters) Jason & I have high hopes in the freedom this will offer our family.

As for me, well, I've really been trying to catch my breath from our summer adventures and get organized/prepared for our home school journey. I've been so busy that I actually haven't even made ime to touch basis with all the ones I love since coming home from our vacation. So that will be one of my other top priorities this week.

Now that you know what's been going on, here is the 'real' part of this post:

Public school started last week and I resumed my position with the elementary PTA Teacher Aprreciation person and delivered a happy poem to the teachers & staff on the first day and then organized a wonderful back to school lunch on Thursday. I've been honest with the principal, Kindergarten teacher, librarian and one of the office staff on what our family is doing here with our call to this local mission field. Well, apparently actions are speaking louder than any words or crafts as these lovely individuals have felt the need to spread the word.

I've actually been very concerned that me maintaining a presence in the public school system would be offensive to those that work so hard within the system to reach SO many children. But it seems this is not the case and already I've met a dozen new teachers and staff members that are blown away by this commitment to love others and serve them. Lots of moms do PTA so it wasn't a big deal last year when I had a child attending school there but this year I have no stake there and that is really making the teachers feel loved.

So now I wonder, what else can we do in our neighborhood, that is not required or even really necessary but will help bring people together. Offering love unconditionally and creating opportunities for community?

I'm really on a mission now...

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