Thursday, October 6, 2011

Current Ministry

So this missionary gig of being the church is taking some interesting turns these recent days. I'm finding myself more comfortable with the idea of just being and living and loving all that I come into contact with and allowing The Spirit to just flow through me (as much as I've figured out how to do anyways!). In doing this I've started to see connections, opportunities and miracles. Now I'm not seeing Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead or anything, well not literally, but maybe I am figuratively.

I've found myself in conversations that I honestly would prefer to never, ever have and in them I can hear God speaking into these peoples lives. I hear them respond and I've started to notice them going out of their way to converse with me at later dates, usually referring to one specific comment that was made and how it's changing their thinking. It's actually very exciting to see people consider thoughts that, I believe with all my being, God interjected.

They may not be running out and getting baptized yet, they may not be coming to my families' church meeting, they may not even be changing their lives, but they are thinking about things Jesus said... let's just hope I can remember to stay humble through this really awesome ride and give Him the glory!

Here's to finding your groove.

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