Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Kingdom has grown!!

Alexander and Daniel decided this week that they want to live for Christ! What an awesome experience to see our children want to accept the gift God has given us in Jesus' sacrifice. We are ecstatic about their decision!!! These children have come to Christ and though they have many years ahead of them we hope their faith, love and trust in our Saviour will get them through it all and offer them a sense of peace in times of war, a sense of urgency in the stillness, a sense of passion among the dull. For God offers so much to each of us, both those that suffer physically, emotionally or not at all. The God of the universe and the angels are rejoicing this week as the Kingdom has grown by two!

Daniel also chose to be baptized today and here are some photos of that wonderful event! (I'm sure you're wondering why Alexander did not also get baptized and it's because he didn't want to. We'll let you know when he changes his mind.)

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