Monday, January 9, 2012

These Last Ten Years...

In the last ten years I've done a few things. Let's recap to see if I can complain about turning the big 3-0.

I swam and played water polo in college. I learned about country music. I married the perfect man. I went on my first grown up vacation. I forgave God and recommitted my life to Him. I was baptized. I achieved my life dream to run my own swim team. I coached future Olympic hopefuls. I graduated from college. I bought my first house. I had a baby. I learned a new level of forgiveness. I moved to Texas. I learned how to make friends again. I bought my dream home. I had another baby. I survived post-partum depression. I fell in love with my little family. I learned yet another level of forgiveness. I experienced a change of heart. I ran my first 5k. I learned to give grace. I learned to receive grace. I learned the power of God first hand. I went to New York and fell in love with Manhattan. I recommitted more of my life to Christ. I went to Seattle. I went to London. I shared my home with a homeless woman and her children. I had a baby girl. I sold my dream home to fulfill God's dream. I ran my first 10K. I found a new home. I found a new dream. I became a missionary. I went on a cruise. I ran a half marathon. I went to Montana. I made friends for life. I maintained life long friends. I did my first road trip (1700 miles!). I made it home from the road trip (another 1700!). I created new traditions. I kept old traditions alive. I taught my children. My children have taught me. I changed. I grew. I lived well. I loved better.

It appears to me that I did not waste my 20s and indeed they have created quite the expectation for my 30s. Let's just hope they can live up to the magic. But just in case it can't I'm going to pretend I'm 29 for the rest of my life ;-D

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