Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 Days

40 Days is a really long time!

But then again, 40 Days isn't really that long at all...

We are abundantly blessed that our ministry is blooming right now. We are seeing some of the first fruits and beginning growth of our last 2 years of dedication on this journey. I think it is fit timing that we are experiencing this awesomeness during the 40 days of Lent. This is a time we spend focused on Him and what He has given us. There is a huge opportunity as our mission explodes for us to step into the flesh and try harder to make this all work, but this time of year we try SO hard to do the opposite. We desire to let Him step into our flesh and do His work with and through us.

So needless to say, even though me the person, now on day two without chocolate (that's my sacrifice to honor His sacrifice) and a to-do list of about 372,914 things I should be overwhelmed. But I find myself peaceful. My house is mostly tidy, (Big shout out to the FLY lady!) My chores are mostly kept up with. I'm on track with my health and fitness goals. I'm staying upbeat with my children, fulfilling my roles of Mommy, Teacher & Friend. I'm building new bridges, strengthening old ones and enjoying the ride! My stress is low most of the time and I'm spending lots of time reading!

I want to say life is spectacular right now. But then when I think about it and all the requirements and opportunities at my door I begin to panic. NO way on Earth can I do this!!! (That is a fact.) Sometimes the panic is paralyzing.

Let's hope I can remember, for the next 40 days (and beyond) that He is in charge. That seems like a really long time to learn this lesson, but then again, if I think about it I can spend each day worrying that 40 days is not nearly long enough for me to actually learn and change. Then where will I be?

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