Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Middle of the Night Phone Call

Most of us dread hearing the phone ring in the wee hours of the night. Not just because it is disturbing our beauty sleep but because there is usually difficult to hear news on the other end. Occasionally, you'll get the phone call because a child has arrived during the night (as was the case with our two younger children). Either way your nerves are set on edge.

Moments like these, when the one in need is feeling desperate and alone, and the one trying to help is feeling desperate and alone there is only one presence that can calm all nerves; removing all anxiety and allow order to be restored. Sometimes order is restored very quickly and other times order takes years to appear.

Tonight, I am thankful to have a wonderful neighbor, comfortable enough to call on me in her time of need. Lord I pray that her heart is well and that when she calls on me again that I have been thoroughly prepared by your Word to assist her and any others that you've brought for me to love.

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