Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I think I need a new word for a group of Christians that gather. Lately, the use of the word "church" has been getting to me.

So many times, it feels like we use the word in ways that divide instead of unite "The Church," the Body of Christ.

For example, we have different types of churches - organic church, emergent church, Catholic Church, protestant church, etc.

Or we describe church as a specific place or group of people - "my church," the church on the corner of..., etc.

Isn't Church supposed to be uniting? We are one Body, with Christ as the head. We are His Church.

What are some other ways to describe the people of Christ in their unique environments? I'd like to try using them and be more selective in my use of "Church."

I know it's semantics, but I wonder if it will help me speak my heart more clearly to those around me.

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