Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 13

Day 13: Home.

Today is the day I'm supposed to be thankful for my home, and I am thankful for having a home in which my family lives, eats, plays, sleeps, is safe, kept warm (or cool depending on the weather outside) and for so many enormous other reasons. But today I'm not thankful for my home as much as I'm thankful for my neighbor's homes... and my friend's homes. I'm thankful to know people who love other people enough to welcome them into their home, dirty shoes and all. For the places we gather to share with one another, living life together, trudging through the trenches and eating birthday cake together. Our home is our sacred place and when we have people come into it we are sharing our most intimate space, where our walls are knocked down and a great space is made for love. I was blessed to experience that today and am so thankful for each time people gather to love one another not only in my home, but in the homes of others as well.

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