Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 20

Day 20: Relaxing Rituals

Relaxing, with three small children as a full time stay at home mommy that volunteers, teaches homeschool and has many other responsibilities is a bit of a funny and foreign idea. But I find time for relaxation, if I didn't I would literally go INSANE!!

Some of my favorite relaxing activities are reading a book, in a room ALL by myself (with no background noise of needy children or loud movies). I love a great cup of tea, a fantastic workout with awesome tunes and a great workout instructor. Some time outside when the weather spectacular and time with my husband.

These are my ways to unwind and relax and I do not always get them when I want them or even when I need them. However, I am thankful for these moments when I get them and I am more thankful that my family benefits from my relaxing rituals almost as much as I do.

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