Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 29

Day 29: Parenting People

Today I am grateful for those parents out there that do it righter than I do. I'm excited to have people that can parent multiple children without any of them being classified as the typical 'middle child.' For parents that have successfully raised children up to love Christ and have them follow Him in their own passions. I am thankful for parents who have shown me that even through the awkward stages of childhood, the parent can still be the most important influence, voice of reason and friend in that child's life. I'm thankful for parents that have shown me that children do make their own choices but with our help, guidance, passion, honesty and openness they will be fully equipped to make their choices and they will likely make the 'right' choice. I'm thankful for parents that have shown me that even when their children make the wrong choice, that love, grace and forgiveness go further than any punishment. I am thankful for those parents that have no limitations when it comes to loving the children around them, even if they aren't the parents. No child can have too much love! Today I am thankful for those parental units that have crossed my path and shown me that I am not alone and this really is the most difficult and rewarding job I'll ever have.

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