Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 30

Day 30: What's Different?

This is the official last day to be thankful. But what has changed? Well, the thing that has changed is that I'm looking at so many things with an eye of thankfulness. This list that I followed was a random one I googled and unlike so many other thankfulness runs it was not based on the things that made me happy in the moment (though there was some of that and nor is that a bad way to be thankful). But this list challenged me to be thankful for things I honestly rarely think about. I'm thankful I took on this challenge and have new eyes for gratitude. I hope you enjoyed the last 30 days as well. For we are now into Advent season and it is a wonderful time of beauty and anticipation. Let's go forward from here and see if we can continue our attitude of gratitude. It can continue on as a daily challenge... I'm even contemplating a longer than 30 days challenge, but don't hold your breath=D

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