Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 18

Day 18: Animal Connection

This is a bit of an odd thing to be thankful for in my opinion. I've had pets in the past so I wander through each memory of my pets trying to determine if I have a special connection to any of them, or if one connection is more special than another. I'm not an over the top animal lover, but one thing that I do love and have done in every state or country I've ever been to is visit the local zoo or aquarium. I have strong feelings about seeing the animals upclose and they are SO beautiful.

Yesterday in Little Rock we saw some great tigers and penguins and I think back over the many visits to zoos and aquariums, the first time I touched a snake, the first time I fed a giraffe, the first time I was splashed by a dolphin, touched a crusteacean. All of those are my connections to animals. I love those interactions so much and I love to see how people have managed to care for animals and recreate some semblence of a life when they aren't in the wild. The zoologists and marinebioligists seem to really care for their animals (on a whole, in my expereince).

Oh, and I'm also thankful animals give us food!

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